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Local Drayage

Weaver Brothers  supplies local delivery and pick up services to companies and individuals in Anchorage, Fairbanks, and the Kenai Peninsula. WBI offers 24/7 service to satisfy customer requirements. These services are accomplished through the efforts of a first-class workforce of drivers, dispatchers and support staff which are matched with a fleet of well-maintained equipment, and a sophisticated computerized dispatch system. We are also proud to serve those companies providing ocean liner service from the Pacific Northwest – Matson and Totem Ocean Trailer Express. WBI offers 7-days-a-week service to satisfy customer requirements.

refined tankers

Weaver Brothers (WBI) has a large fleet of company owned refined tankers. These tankers range in size from 8,500 – 10,500 gallons. Payload for a single trailer is over 60,000 lbs and for a set of doubles is over 85,000 lbs. Many WBI trucks, both company and owner-operator, are outfitted with product transfer pumps. These  pumps are capable of pumping over 10,000 gallons per hour. WBI has the ability to transport petroleum products from all the refineries located throughout the state. WBI also provides transportation services to gas stations, oil well sites, commercial businesses and road construction jobs. These tankers are equipped with electronic overfill systems for bottom-loading terminals. WBI also has the ability to safely transfer many products from a rail siding at their Anchorage and Fairbanks terminals.

hot oil trailers

Weaver Brothers (WBI) has a large fleet of asphalt and emulsion trailers which can be combined together in sets to haul more than 92,000 lbs. of payload. WBI has hauled asphalt since 1978 and has qualified personnel to dispatch, safely and efficiently load, haul and discharge your product where you need it. The sensitive and timely nature of asphalt delivery requires close attention to these details. WBI inspects and repairs its own tankers.

dry bulkers

Weaver Brothers’ (WBI) large fleet of cement bulkers with capacities ranging from 550 – 1300 cubic feet. Payload for a single trailer is 56,000 lbs and for a set of doubles is over 84,000 lbs. Some WBI trucks have power take off driver blowers allowing for unloading at a customer’s business. WBI has the necessary hoses and fittings to accommodate customer’s needs. These bulkers are used to transport construction cement, drilling mud and various other dry bulk products.

refrigerated trailers and vans

Weaver Brothers’ (WBI) fleet includes modern refrigerated 40′ and 48′ long trailers to handle the perishable cargo needs of our customers. These trailers are designed to comply with DOT long combination vehicle regulations and can be pulled together as a set. WBI also has a fleet of 40′ – 53′ dry vans. Special features include air ride suspensions and both swing and roll up doors.


Weaver Brothers (WBI) has an extensive fleet of lowboys. Both 8′ and 10′ wide trailers with the capability of providing up to 8-axle units including jeep and booster. Single and double drop lowboys are also available. Both detachable and fold-down goose-neck units are available. WBI can transport a wide variety of over sized materials on these lowboys, from oilfield equipment to construction machinery and supplies. WBI has pilot cars available to safely comply with all DOT requirements for hauling oversize freight.

chemical trailers

Weaver Brothers’ (WBI) fleet includes modern  refrigerated 40′ and 48′ long trailers to handle the perishable cargo  needs of our customers. These trailers are designed to comply with DOT  long combination vehicle regulations and can be pulled together as a  set.


Weaver Brothers (WBI) has a large fleet of flatbeds. Both 2 and 3 axle flatbeds ranging in length from 40′ – 45′. Our fleet includes highway trailers and trailers designed for use in barging, off-road jobs and the oilfield.


Weaver Brothers (WBI) has a large fleet of winch trucks. Though these winch trucks are primarily used for hauling oilfield related materials and moving drill rigs around the Kenai peninsula, they can also be deployed anywhere across the state. WBI has support staff and equipment such as forklifts, loaders and specialized trailers to handle rig moving operations. WBI has also used winch trucks to provide emergency equipment recovery services.

specialized equipment

Weaver Brothers’ (WBI) fleet of specialized equipment includes CAT 910, 966 and 988 loaders with attachments; a vacuum truck for use in recovery of waste fluids; a “high-lift” truck for use in dumping loads out of containers; hot air blowers and under-car conveyors for use in loading and unloading dry bulk products.

barge loading

Weaver Brothers (WBI) has the equipment, experience, and know-how to safely load your barge freight. Using specialized trucks with hydraulically raised fifth-wheels, WBI regularly sends flatbed, lowboy and tanker loads via barges for delivery to locations not served by the Alaska highway system. WBI personnel are also trained to operate safely under various tidal conditions.

customer owned trailers

Weaver Brothers (WBI) hauls many customer-owned trailers. WBI drivers are trained in the safe transporting of specific commodities in these trailers, such as ethylene, propane, argon, nitrogen, and oxygen, to name a few. Special arrangements can be made to accommodate other needs.

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Alaska’s safest truckers. Friendly Staff.” – Brady kuenning
Quality trucking at reasonable prices.” – Jon Anderson
Best trucking company ever worked for.” – J Mauga