About Us

Weaver Bros. was founded in Oregon in 1946. Two brothers, Ken and Russ Weaver, brought their company to Valdez by Crowley barge in 1953. For the first couple of years they hauled asphalt during the summer, then drove their trucks back down the highway. In 1954 they bought a milk transport company in Fairbanks and began running Inland Riverway Barge Lines with one tug and one barge.

In 1955 the two brothers moved their main operations to Anchorage. By the mid-1970’s they had terminals in North Kenai, Anchorage, Fairbanks, Valdez, and Seattle.

Ownership of the company changed hands in the mid-1970’s, and then once again in the fall of 1978, when the Doyle family took over the reins…

our services

over 45 years of servicing alaska

Local Drayage

Weaver Brothers  supplies local delivery and pick up services to companies and individuals in Anchorage, Fairbanks, and the Kenai Peninsula. WBI offers 24/7 service to satisfy customer requirements. 

refined tankers

Weaver Brothers (WBI) has a large fleet of company owned refined tankers. These tankers range in size from 8,500 – 10,500 gallons. Payload for a single trailer is over 60,000 lbs and for a set of doubles is over 85,000 lbs. 

dry bulkers

Weaver Brothers’ (WBI) large fleet of cement bulkers with capacities ranging from 550 – 1300 cubic feet. Payload for a single trailer is 56,000 lbs and for a set of doubles is over 84,000 lbs. 


Weaver Brothers (WBI) has a large fleet of winch trucks. Though these winch trucks are primarily used for hauling oilfield related materials and moving drill rigs around the Kenai peninsula, they can also be deployed anywhere across the state. 

Client google Reviews

Alaska’s safest truckers. Friendly Staff.” – Brady kuenning
Quality trucking at reasonable prices.” – Jon Anderson
Best trucking company ever worked for.” – J Mauga