Our intrepid State Champion reports from Salt Lake, where he is competing at this year’s NTDC, that he completed the written test yesterday. He will know his score sometime today.

As you know Troy’s not a big picture-taking guy, but we have coaxed him into shooting a couple of pics for us to post.

Latest from Troy is, “Did really well on the pretrip.“ “Driving…not so good.” What does he mean??? Could this be a case of the sophomore slump for our keen competitor returning for his second shot at the overall?


As reported yesterday our Champ—driving an automatic transmission—stated he didn’t do “so good.”  Still his attitude is great and he’s having fun spending time among “a lot” of fellow competitors and drivers.  Overall it sounds like a great experience and it’s a privilege to represent Alaska and WBI at this illustrious event!  All of the competitors will find out how they did Saturday morning.

Check back tomorrow for the results… Goodluck Troy!


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