Employee Directory

# Name Position Phone Email
Jimmy Doyle Vice President 907-278-4526
Jenna Doyle Water Carrier Billing Supervisor and Operations 907-646-5342 jennae@wbialaska.com
Sharon Doyle Office Manager 907-646-5329 sharond@wbialaska.com
Jenna Doyle Accounts Payable 907-646-5342 apbilling@wbialaska.com
Joanne Oyao Billing Supervisor/Accounts Receivable 907-646-5334 joanneo@wbialaska.com
Dean Musliu and Jason Pandres Local Dispatchers 907-646-5323 wbiancport@wbialaska.com
Charlie Bass Linehaul Dispatcher 907-646-5325 anclinedispatch@wbialaska.com
Fuel Dispatcher 907-646-5352 wbiancfuel@wbialaska.com
Georgia Pfile Human Resource 907-646-5332 hr@wbialaska.com
Randy Efird Operations 907-646-5391 randye@wbialaska.com
Daniel Jurusz Health, Safety, Security and Environmental Specialist 907-646-5382 safety@wbialaska.com
Rick Bushman Operations 907-646-5350 rickb@wbialaska.com
Larry Newell Service Manager 907-646-5389 ancshop@wbialaska.com
Todd Vucovich Operations 907-646-5342 toddv@wbialaska.com
# Name Position Phone Email
Mark Furness Terminal Manager 907-456-7704 markf@wbialaska.com
Randy Larson Dispatcher 907-456-5031 randyl@wbialaska.com
Rob Wyble Maintenance 907-456-7705 fbxshop@wbialaska.com
# Name Position Phone Email
Jim Doyle President/Owner 907-283-7638
Kathy Sexton CFO/Office Manager 907-283-7638 kathys@wbialaska.com
Jim Boatright Terminal Manager 907-283-7975 jimbo@wbialaska.com
Doyle’s Fuel Service 907-283-7638 doylesfuelservice@wbialaska.com
Kevin Doyle Local/Linehaul Dispatcher 907-283-7957 kevind@wbialaska.com
Dennis Winchtruck Dispatch 907-283-7638 winchtruck@wbialaska.com