National Truck Driving Championships 2013

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Our intrepid State Champion reports from Salt Lake, where he is competing at this year’s NTDC, that he completed the written test yesterday. He will know his score sometime today.

As you know Troy’s not a big picture-taking guy, but we have coaxed him into shooting a couple of pics for us to post.

Latest from Troy is, “Did really well on the pretrip.“ “Driving…not so good.” What does he mean??? Could this be a case of the sophomore slump for our keen competitor returning for his second shot at the overall?


As reported yesterday our Champ—driving an automatic transmission—stated he didn’t do “so good.”  Still his attitude is great and he’s having fun spending time among “a lot” of fellow competitors and drivers.  Overall it sounds like a great experience and it’s a privilege to represent Alaska and WBI at this illustrious event!  All of the competitors will find out how they did Saturday morning.

Check back tomorrow for the results… Goodluck Troy!


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Weaver Bros., Inc. Safety Awards for 2011

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To all of our customers, employees (both past and present), and friends I am delighted to inform you that we have received our third consecutive Conoco-Phillips Alaska Trucking Association’s (ATA) Safe Fleet of the Year award for 2011 (that makes ’07, ’09, ’10, ’11). We were also awarded the ATA’s Most Improved of the Year award. We are especially proud to improve over our award-winning performance of the previous year. Around the same time our insurer presented us with their Award of Honor—Best Risk Control Program for the 2011-2012 policy year.

We are grateful to Conoco Phillips and the ATA, and its member companies, for the honor we received from them. We would likewise pass out kudos to this group who were acknowledged by the head of the FMCSA, Ann Ferro, and the American Trucking Association’s Chairman Dan England, during their visit to this year’s annual ATA conference, to have an ‘enviable safety record when compared to L48’ trucking firms. We’re proud to be a part of this group.

In a letter I sent to our customers I mentioned that several years’ back we set out to be Alaska’s safest trucking company. And I stated and firmly believe that a goal like that is only achieved because of the dedicated, hard-working employees that make up the WBI family. Thanks to all of you. Let’s see if we can do it again in 2012!

Jimmy Doyle
Vice President

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WBI protecting our environment for future generations

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The market for DEF is being created due to the new emission requirements promulgated by the EPA to meet the most recent Clean Air Act specifications. As depicted below the progressive reduction in diesel emissions has driven tremendous changes in engine requirements over the past 15 years. These efforts have been focused on reducing particulates, sulphur, and NOX emissions. DEF is focused on meeting the 2010 requirement for NOX emissions reductions.

The specific approach used to reduce NOX emissions requiring DEF is referred to as SCR or Selective Catalytic Reduction. SCR uses a chemical called Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF / Urea) and a SCR catalytic converter to significantly reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions in diesel engines. SCR has been selected by all but one major engine manufacturer (International being the exception) as their method to meet the 2010 specification.

Engine manufactures chose SCR over competing technologies due to the fuel economy benefits of SCR as compared with other options. SCR is expected to improve overall fuel economy by approximately 5%.

In summary DEF is:
• Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) or Urea
• 32.5% Aqueous Urea Solution (ammonia) in demineralized water
• DEF consumption approximately 2% of fuel consumption
• DEF is a non-toxic, non-polluting and non-flammable substance.
• May have slightly pungent odor similar to ammonia.
• YES – DEF Does Freeze at 11 degrees F, and may need to be stored inside or in heated storage units
• SCR system is designed to provide heating for the DEF tank and supply lines.
• If DEF freezes, it can be thawed and used.
• DEF is not damaged or destroyed because it is frozen.
• SCR System will add ~200 lbs to each truck
• Maintenance, performance, drivability & durability the same as today

WBI has 3 trucks that run urea right now and our next 5 will be delivered by the end of the summer. This will help us lower emissions and provide a better air quality for everyone.

Dream Come True – Owned and operated by JH Doyle

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Congratulations James Doyle Sr. for winning the 2011 Truck Rodeo!

The 2011 Truck Rodeo was held in Anchorage last May 27th with participants coming from all over the state. 30 trucking companies joined the event with 4 WBI employees winning.

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